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Home health aide training requirements vary between each state so feel free to click your location on the map below to get detailed and up to date information for the training requirements in your state to get you started as soon as possible.

Home Health Aide

A home health Aide is someone who provides personal care for people who either suffer an illness, disability or have simply reached an old age. Essentially looking after people who for whatever reason do not have the ability to live on their own. This is why a Home health Aide is one of the most in demand jobs currently available.

America’s population is aging. The populations reference bureau ( estimate there is over 40 million Americans aged 65 or older and that figure will more than double to 89 million by 2050, an estimated 1/5th of the population. As you can tell home care is a high growth industry and there will always be high demand for quality Home Health Aides.

Most Home Health Aides are employed through residential and nursing care facilities as well as hospitals and home care services. There is also the ability to become self-employed. However there are different requirement based on which state you reside.

Home Health Aide Job Description

Home Health Aide Training

The job description for a Home Health Aide really varies according to which job you are applying for and the type of patient that is in your care. In general however most Home Health Aides would be expected to do a variation of the following:

  • Help with personal tasks including bathing, going to the bathroom, eating and movement
  • Small errands for the patient which might include things like picking up medication, grocery shopping or even taking the patient to doctor appointments.
  • Monitoring of patients vitals including pulse, temperature and respiration rate.

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Home Health Aide Jobs

As mentioned previously there is a high demand for Home health aides. So much so that it is projected to be the fastest growing occupation through 2014! With such a high demand you have an excellent chance of getting hired.

Home health Aides do not require a college degree or even a high school diploma but some certifications can help with job prospects and career advancement.

Free Home Health Aide Training

Free training is a very real prospect for many people looking to become a home health aide. Many home health agencies will advertise jobs in your area. The simplest thing one can do to find out if they offer free training is to simply pick up the phone and ask. It must be stressed that not all home care agencies will offer free home health aide training but plenty do.

There are usually some simple requirements to be met when applying for free training, including:

  • Being over the age of 18 years old
  • Being able to read/write at 6th grade level
  • No criminal record

Some agencies will offer free training that will lead to certification as a home health aide while other places such as nursing homes will provide free training that will lead you to a state certification as a Nurses Aide.

Home Health AideHome Health Aide Training in NYC

NYC has an absolutely enormous demand for Home health Aides which gives the occupation excellent job security in these unstable times.

There is plenty of diversity in the NYC population so the ability to speak another language other than English is of extreme benefit, so if you are not a native English speaker please understand you still have good career opportunities available.

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Home Health Aide Certification

There are some helpful certifications available for Home health Aides including:

  • CHCE Certification
  • CNA Certification

Although certification isn’t usually a requirement for landing a job, it may however open new career opportunities and will look favorably if you plan on moving into any supervisory type roles. Home Health Aides with extensive education are also likely to receive slightly higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.

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