Home Health Aide Training in NJ

If you are looking for home health aide training in NJ, you have come to the right place. You may be able to consider becoming a home health aide and enter this rapidly growing field right out of high school, with on-the-job training as you go. However, formal training will increase your access to a wider variety of positions and salaries. Whether you are seeking to become certified in this field or simply seeking to gain a larger knowledge base, there are programs to meet the needs of just about every candidate.

Within the state of New Jersey, vocational and technical schools can provide the training needed to become certified as a home health aide. Some options within New Jersey include the following:

Branford Institute

570 North Broad Street in Elizabeth, NJ or 302 Main Street in Paterson, NJ. Branford is considered one of the leading vocational schools in New Jersey. Program offerings include Certified Home Health Aide classes, as well as other courses in medical assisting fields. The home health aide class takes only three weeks to complete and prepares the student to take the state-issued certification exam. The Elizabeth location can be reached at 908-352-1004 and the Paterson location at 973-881-9428 for more information, or you can research either at www.branfordinstitute.org.

Home Health Aide Training in NJ

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Ace Healthcare Training Institute

8 Morris Street, Dover, NJ. This one provides training for a variety of healthcare fields and positions, including Patient Care Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), both jobs related to home health aide jobs in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. At a minimum, these programs involve 90 hours split between classroom learning and supervised practical experience. Ace can be reached by phone at 973-366-7171 or online at www.acehealthcaretraining.com.



Free Home Health Aide Training in NJ

In addition to traditional training options, home health aide training can also be obtained for free. One such option for free training exists through companies that hire home health aide workers and train them for certification as part of an employment agreement. For example, Meridian At Home (www.meridianathome.com) will provide training in this field at no cost for the training, but the candidate then pays $80 to the Board of Nursing for the certification and agrees to work for Meridian for a minimum of six months. As an alternative, Unity Health System in New Jersey provides free training in home health aide services for qualified applicants.

New Jersey Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), the home health aide profession is growing exponentially through the year 2020. Salaries for this field vary, with New Jersey coming in above average at about $22,730 annually. New Jersey also ranks within the top 15 states in employment levels for this profession.